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Wine Tasting Every Saturday & Sunday

12:00 - 5:00 PM
Also available by apointment 



At Engelmann Cellars the mission is clear: Produce premium quality wines, from local grapes that are hand processed in our boutique winery located in the beautiful vineyards of the Fresno countryside. These wines will reflect the quality of wines produced throughout the State of California at a price that will be a great value to their consumers.




We are releasing 4 new wines this weekend April 4-5, 2020

Special Hours this weekend 1-4PM



Wine Club Pick Up


2018 Sangiovese

2018 Mulino

20 our 20th Anniversary wine

2018 The Flying Pig Pinot Noir


We have 4 new wines for our wine club members to come out and grab.  These are sure to make your time at home a lot more pleasurable. 

If you are not a wine club member you can still come out and purchase any of these new wines exept The Flying Pig Pinot Noir.  Non wine club members just pay full price, they don't get invited to wine club only parties, they also pay for wine tasting and cover charge for Friday Night Concerts when we get them going again.  If you want to be a wine club member you can do it online and get all the bennefits of being in the Engelmann Cellar Door Wine Club.


Click here for more info on our wine clubs.......



Curbside Wine Pick Up

Engelmann Cellars is doing Curbside Pick up this Saturday and Sunday 1-4PM. You don't even have to get out of your car.

We have 6 wines discounted to $20 even no tax.
Summer Quartet,
Engelmann Rose,
Elainea Rose,
Ashley's Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon,

We appreciate your continued support. Enjoy.




We are discontinuing wine tasting until further notice. 

Our winery will still be open Saturday and Sunday for purchases and online order pickups.

We ask that you schedule ahead to pickup wine. 

email us at

In the email we will ask:

Which date will you pick up?

What time?

Which wines would you like and how many?

We will get your order together then send an email through Square that you can pay online.  Once paid online we will have your wine ready for you on the Cellar Door Patio bar. The barrel room will be closed this weekend.

Fresh air and sunshine are good for the soul and immune system.

If you wish to picnic in our 2 acre park there is plenty of room to keep your social distancing from other guests.  We will limit picnics to groups no larger than 10 and no more than 5 groups a day.  To put this in perspective at 64,000 square feet our park could accomodate over 1600 people with not one closer than 6 feet to someone else.  We are limiting to 50 people total all groups combined. Each group will be more than 40 feet from any other.

  Reservations are required for picnics.  Email us at

If you wish to walk the vineyards and orchards you are more than welcome to do that too however, please respect social distancing rules.


Thank you for your understanding and desire to keep everyone safe.
Bret, Elainea and Landon Engelman
Engelmann Cellars


Prepurchase specials

Potpourri Case

12 different bottles of Engelmann Cellars and Elainea Vineyards wines

Red Only Potpourri Case

$418.00 Retail Value

Prepurchase and pick up price

$229.00 plus tax


Mix white and reds Potpourri Case

$378.00 Retail Value

Prepurchase and pick up price

$209.00 plus tax


Make your own case

Mix and match any of the below wines to add up to 12 bottles

Summer Quartet


Rose (Engelmann Cellars or Elainea Vineyards)

Ashley's Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon


$240-$264 Retail Value

Prepurchase and pick up price

$199.00 plus tax


All wines can also be ordered in smaller quantities than the full case specials above.


Out of town Engelmann Cellars fans we have you covered too

All prices online are now reduced 20%.  Plus free shipping inside CA.

Shop all wines......




Do you know someone that had to postpone their wedding because of COVID 19?

Engelmann Cellars is giving half off venue rental to all postponed weddings needing a new venue.

If they are having a hard time finding a replacement venue for a late spring or summer wedding please have them get in touch with us.  We still have some great May, June and July dates available.




Unplugged and Uncorked Sunday's

Our Sunday Unplugged and Uncorked will be back as soon as we get back to normal business.


Free Event - Family and pet friendly 

Musicians performing on the Cellar Door Patio so the kids can enjoy the 2 acre Vineyard Park while you enjoy the show.  

Bring your own blankets or chairs and find a great spot in the park to still enjoy the music but also enjoy the very green lawn.

No reservations needed.

Wine tasting 12-5PM

Live music 2-5PM


Upcoming Sunday's

Our Sunday Unplugged and Uncorked will be back as soon as we get back to normal business.

Contact us if you would like to reserve a table for a special occation or group.....

Our Sunday Unplugged and Uncorked will be back as soon as we get back to normal business.




2020 is bringing great new things to Engelmann Cellars


Our new Tiny House Restroom is now open


The end of December we said goodbye to our title of Best Portapotties in Town as Star Sanitation took away our last portapottie from the front patio.  Our new restrooms are located right next to the Cellar Door Patio on the edge of the Vineyard Park.  We have 4 stalls in the women's, 3 urinals and 1 stall in the men's and a full ADA on this one trailer. 

For those of you that don't know us well yet this post probably doesn't make much since, for those of you that do you know how long we have been trying to get rid of those portapotties.  Come out and see these amazing restrooms for yourself.  We know amazing and restrooms probably don't go together but once you see them you will probably agree especially when you realize that it is all built on a tiny house trailer.




The Market

(Herndon and West)

Now carries Disheveled too

The Market recently started selling our Summer Quartet, Gravel Pit Syrah, Uber Zinfandel and Disheveled.  Make sure to visit and pick up a few bottles.



Ashley's Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon ($11.99) available at Shaw, Riverpark, and Visalia Costco's


Total Wine and More

Total Wine and More has a great selection of Engelmann Cellars and Elainea Vineyards wines. You can also bring these wines back to be enjoyed at Engelmann Cellars as long as the bottle has not been opened





Weddings and Private Events at Engelmann Cellars

Recently engaged or know someone who is?  Engelmann Cellars would love to host your big day.  We still has some great dates for spring and fall 2020.  Please shoot us an email with your prefered date.


Contact us.....

Eryn and Brayden Wedding January 31, 2015

It's that time of year again when all the newly engaged couples are looking for a place to hold their special day.  Engelmann Cellars would love to give you the perfect setting for your perfect day.  Please visit our Wedding page for details.


Watch their video.....

Jessica and Evan Sept. 26, 2015

Photos and Video by






Bret, Elainea and Landon Engelman
Engelmann Cellars
3275 N. Rolinda Ave.
Fresno, CA 93723